1. Students are required to arrive for the morning assembly in the MPR at 9:10 AM

  2. Students will be allowed inside the building at 9:30 AM accompanied with their teachers.

  3. When your children arrive late they will start late and this will affect their benefit from the classroom and will distract the flow of the class, and waste the other students’ time.

  4. You may drop off your child at the curb only if there is a helping volunteer.

  5. If the students arrive after 9:40 AM they will be considered late and will get a tardy slip from office before entering his/her classroom .

  6. Parents are asked to accompany the child in case of late arrival, to sign a tardy slip at the office.

  7. The maximum number of being tardy is  6 times for the whole year, 3 times each semester, if the student exceeds this number, he/she will have to meet with the administration to help solve this issue and see if we can offer any solutions as a school.

  8. Ramadan’s Schedule will be 10:30-2:30 PM