1. RSS classrooms are rented from Saratoga Elementary School, a regular public school, in use all week. As such, RSS members (students, siblings, teachers, teacher’s aids, volunteers, parents), will be held financially responsible for any damage caused to any classroom property and/or items.
  2. The building and all it contains are an amana. It is NOT permitted to modify, move or alter anything in the school, hallways or classrooms (electronics, computers, projectors, screens, TV, desks, chairs, teachers desk, toys, books, craft supplies, student work, cabinets, shelves, bulletin boards, posters). It is mandated by the Saratoga School District, that RSS leave the classrooms and campus in the exact same condition they are received in each week.
  3. Students are not permitted in the classroom without adult supervision (including break time).
  4. Food and drink are NOT permitted inside the building, at ANY time, under ANY circumstances. This applies to ALL RSS members (students, siblings, teachers, teacher’s aids, volunteers, parents).
  5. Fundraising, other than for RSS approved events, is NOT permitted on school premises (chocolate, scout cookies/nuts etc).
  6. RSS is NOT responsible, and will NOT keep, any lost/misplaced/left behind student items. Please ensure students have all their belongings before they leave.