Communication between school and parents

  1. Email is the best way to communicate with the school management or the teachers. We do all our announcements via emails, we don’t use paper so please check your emails regularly.

  2. You should expect an email from school and the teachers on the first two weeks, if you didn’t, please contact the office to fix this problem.

  3. We will be texting you in case of emergency, or if we email you multiple times with no response from your side. Sometimes we have a wrong email address.

  4. Our emails start with “RSS: classroom # or name, subject”

  5. If we require a reply we will add the phrase [Action Required] to the subject of the email,, please take some of your time to reply within a couple of days, especially for the Evites,  google groups or email lists and field trips emails , this will save a lot of our time to be used in better planning for your children.

  6. Expect to receive emails from the management, BamRec and the teachers.

  7. Teachers will update the parents about the material discussed in class, and how to support your child at home, what to observe and how to apply the concepts as a parent, this will be posted on our website regularly,  you will get a notice of that update

  8. We prefer to create a WhatsApp group for each classroom that can be useful for many reasons such as reminders, questions, emergency notes,...

  9. We encourage each family to meet with their child’s teachers. You can contact them personally and set a time and date that suits both of you at any time of the year. Our goal is to work on the child’s character and school needs home cooperation in order to fulfill this task successfully.

  10. Parents will be assigned Homework by the teachers, this is a chance to establish a Halaqa style at home with guided discussion material..Enjoy your children!

  11. We will hold our parent teacher conferences in September, where we introduce our yearly curriculum and expectations with the parents inside each classroom. (Special timetables will be sent closer to the event)