The rooms rented from Saratoga Elementary School in Saratoga are used by full-time teachers during the regular week and contain a great deal of student and teacher work.

Any property belonging to the Classroom damaged by a member of the Reflection Sunday School, that person (or their guardian) will be held financially responsible.

The Reflection Sunday School operates on a CLOSED CAMPUS policy. School permission is required by the parents to visit the classroom and to take their students out.

ALL Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours, even High Schoolers.

School Building “Please read carefully”

  1. Take care of school property, No writing on (walls, doors, bathrooms, inside classrooms)

  2. Keep all posters in place, Do not remove anything posted anywhere.

  3. Consider the classroom you enter as an amanah, Do not modify, move or alter anything in the school or classroom

  4. Return Classroom as it was when class started

  5. Stay away from the classroom electronics, Computers, projectors, TV etc.

  6. Stay away from the books, phone, cabinets, student work, etc.

  7. Teacher’s desk should not be altered in any way.

  8. students can only enter the classroom with an adult, No students are allowed in the classroom without adult supervision (including break time)

  9. Parents should be authorized to enter any classroom.

  10. Food or drink is allowed inside the building at any time under any circumstances (including volunteer parents and teachers , even coffee cups or travel mugs.

  11. ANY FUNDRAISING ACTIVITY HAS TO BE DONE OUTSIDE SCHOOL PREMISES. This includes magazine drives, Girl Scout cookies etc. Only the RSS administration can host fundraising for specific approved programs that are related to our curriculum.

  12. Check your belongings before leaving school every Sunday. We usually end up with many lunch boxes and jackets that end up in the school. We are not responsible for any lost items and we will not keep any left behind at the building or at the playground.