1. Expect to have homework assigned in all the classes we offer.

  2. An email should be sent as a reminder

  3. The parent’s friendly encouragement at home is appreciated. Especially if the child needs to memorize certain ayas, do a search, read an article or book or get involved in a project.

  4. Please avoid comparisons and threats, as we want this relationship between the students and seeking knowledge to be as positive as possible.

  5. We don’t punish at RSS, we only remind and give chances and encourage the students to make the right decision.

  6. RSS Parents are expected to do an assigned homework with their children because we believe home and school should complete each other in the muslim character and identity development that we hope for.

Check Ins

Why not?!

  1. It is a good idea to test an understanding of a concept, as writing, acting & practicing  the idea is different that sharing it orally.

  2. Remember we are all being tested by Allah every second.

  3. Grades don’t matter here at RSS, and we don’t deal with grades, the only grades we care about are the ones counted in our book of deeds.


  1. Your child will be receiving reward cards for their creativity and behavior.

  2. Please don’t pressure your child to get a reward card, as they will receive it when they deserve it, we don’t want the students to go after the card but the deeds from Allah.

  3. The cards are a ways to raise their self-esteem when they read the comments on them. We encourage you to collect them in a place where the children can always look at them and boost their self esteem,

  4. We don’t believe in the extrinsic or promised reward, like stickers, candy, or any promised gifts, this eliminates  the child’s self esteem.But we celebrate the child’s success on the other hand.