Our school is part of the neighborhood

  1. Speeding in the streets around the school or illegal parking is prohibited at all times. We show our morals through our behavior especially behind the wheels, as this is one the main encounters we have with our neighbors. Another encounter would be residents roaming around in their neighborhood school either for games or walking by.

  2. Neighbors are not allowed to enter the school building at any time, this is a liability.

  3. It is our duty to treat them as our religion requires, please don’t get involved in offensive discussions with any of the visitors, this is expected and we should not meet their expectations, we should be in a better state.

  4. Sometimes we have neighbors playing basketball or young children in the playground, please deal with them with respect and please be informed that we are not allowed to ask them to leave.

  5. In case that you see an unleashed dog or children on bikes or skateboards and our students are outside please inform the office immediately for the safety of our students.