1. Each family is required to volunteer 20 hours throughout the school year. A buyout option of $400 is available for families that do not have time to volunteer.

  2. A $20/hour fee will be charged to families that do not complete their 20 hours (10 hours/ semester)

  3. Each family is required to hand in an undated $400 check made out to WVMA/RSS. The check will either be voided upon completion of 20 hours, or cashed if the hours have not been completed.

  4. There are a variety of jobs that parents can choose from. Some jobs will require parents to be on site and others can be done at home. It is the volunteer's responsibility to sign up.


  1. Family picnic organizers : Saturday 9/29/2018

  2. Traffic Patrol : 9:00-9:30 AM and 1:45-2:15 PM

  3. Yard duty: school building and bathrooms.

  4. Yard duty : playground and surrounding areas during recess and lunch breaks.

  5. Safety Regulation: CPR training /emergency preparedness.

  6. Social Committee.

  7. Snack and lunch menu organizers.

  8. Food purchase and food service.

  9. Coffee machine set up/ clean up.

  10. RSS’s van organizer/ school supply list.

  11. Teachers and parents appreciation day helpers.

  12. Set up MPR for Duha Prayer with prayers mats and mihrab: Every Sunday at 9:00 am

  13. Classroom/teacher help


Please make sure that your volunteer slot will not conflict with the parent teacher conferences.


  • If you don’t accomplish the 20 volunteering hours by the end of the year you will need to pay $20 an hour.

  • For families that do not have time to volunteer at all there is a buyout option of $400 per family ,paid by check to WVMA/RSS.