Reflection Sunday School has been established since 2012


Our curriculum 

  • Our classrooms’ structure is based on combination classes, which include one or more grade levels in each room.

  • We offer Arabic, Quran and basic Islamic studies for our KG class.

  • We offer Quran, Tafakkur and enrich that with the Islamic Studies needed through community and art projects for grades 1st-7th Tafakkur.

  • We will offer two field trips for grades KG-7th tafakkur twice a year organized by BamRec

  • We offer an hour and a half of Islamic studies with our dedicated teachers, then the students will be joining Bam Rec, who will be enriching Islamic studies with their project based curriculum. For grades 7 and up.

Knowledge Is Knowing A Tomato Is A Fruit, Wisdom Is Not Putting It In A Fruit Salad
— Knowledge Quotes

What Makes us unique?

Living in the twenty first century, needs up to date tools to face its challenges.. and we are shaping up a generation that -Inshallah_ will be up to that challenge!

This challenge is beyond the information tool.. It is targeting the Muslim Identity. Therefore; in RSS we care about raising the innovative, positive, creative and moral character.


Our Tafakkur Curriculum (Contemplate with Annous) is one of the tools we depend on to Implement our vision.
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 We visualize our mission on earth as successors; who are created to leave a positive trace behind, and make earth a better place for all to live happy on, under the light of Islam.

Therefore we offer a one of a kind class that discusses the needed Islamic Education for each grade level and put that into action, through a Khalifa Project, that is beneficial on a school wide, neighborhood or world level. We believe our generation's energy lays in our childrens' hands!

Also we enrich our education with art projects, outdoors school through camps, field trips, and more.


8th grade and up?! yes why not..

We have planned a curriculum that meets our goal in developing responsible personalities though Islamic Studies  classes. The one and only BamRec will help those personalities design their future though their unique program.