Volunteer Tasks

Yard duty Committee

There is 3 tasks in this section

A-Traffic Patrol

(9:00-9:30 AM and 1:45-2:15 PM)

Volunteers must:

  1. Help students during drop off, and keep car traffic flowing
  2. Enforce a no curb parking,, no double parking, no honking, no disturbing nor blocking neighbours driveways policy
  3. Keep traffic flowing at dismissal. Cars/parents can only stop when they see their children, and cannot block the curb and other cars from picking up their children


Three volunteers/Sunday are required to monitor the building, hallways and bathrooms. Volunteers must:

  1. Ensure each classroom has a teacher before students enter. If not, volunteer is required to line up students outside the door until a teacher arrives
  2. Supervise hallways when classes are in session, and ensure no strangers enter the building
  3. Supervise and assist students in and out of the bathrooms, and ensure bathrooms are left clean after wudu
  4. Ensure that food and drink items do not enter the building, and assist in removing them if they do.
  5. Ensure students do not touch/play with artwork on hallway walls.



Three volunteers/Sunday are required to monitor the playground (2 volunteers) and basketball court (1 Volunteer). Volunteers must:

  1. Supervise students closely, and ensure they are playing safely
  2. Remind students to say the Dua before eating, eat first then go and play
  3. Remind students that cleanliness is Islamic, and thank students who put their trash in the can
  4. Apply and enforce positive discipline when conflict arises
  5. Remind students to make wudu for Thuhr prayer
  6. Ensure that no student is left behind after the school bell rings