Volunteer Tasks


Yard duty Committee

There is 3 tasks in this section

A-Traffic Patrol

(9:00-9:30 AM and 1:45-2:15 PM)

Volunteers must:

  1. Help students during drop off, and keep car traffic flowing

  2. Enforce a no curb parking,, no double parking, no honking, no disturbing nor blocking neighbours driveways policy

  3. Keep traffic flowing at dismissal. Cars/parents can only stop when they see their children, and cannot block the curb and other cars from picking up their children


We need 3 volunteers every sunday for the building area and monitoring the bathroom.

  1. Make sure that each classroom has a teacher before the students enter , if not please line them up beside the door.

  2. Supervise the hallways when class is on, to ensure no foreigners enter the building, and assist the students in and out of the bathroom.

  3. Wudo has a special way at RSS, once you get familiar with it, please make sure the students apply it and leave the bathrooms clean after themselves.

  4. You will be RSS’s eyes to check that nobody eats or drinks or gets any food items inside the building .



This task needs someone with experience dealing with children and can resolve conflicts and disagreements in a positive discipline aspects.

We need 3 every Sunday 2 in playground and 1 for basketball court.

The Volunteer must:

  1. Supervise the students closely and be sure that they are playing safe.

  2. Remind the students to eat first and only on the bench , then they can play.

  3. Remind the students that cleanliness is a vital part of Islam, and always thank the students who put their trash in the can.

  4. Remind the students to say the Dua before eating.

  5. Remind the students to do the right choice positively using verbs in the positive state, without using the term (Don’t)

  6. Remind the students to make wudu so they can pray salat al duha during the first recess or for salat al duhur later in class.

  7. Ensure that no student is left behind after the school bell rings.

  8. Try your best to postpone any side talks while the students are in their recess and break.