Why Reflection Sunday School?

“Reflection Sunday School” is an innovative structured weekend school with emphasis on raising a distinct Islamic generation with moral character and leadership skills.

The school is run as a community service by dedicated volunteer teachers and is administered by a certified School Principal in conjunction with supervision by the WVMA board.

It is open to all Muslim students. The staff and students come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Principal : Dana Jarrar 

Vice Principal & Treasurer : Amjad Alhait

Technical Support: Somia Ahmed

Volunteering Committee: Rula Abdulhafiz

Food & Social: Amna Qurashi

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October 13thCheese pizza
October 20thChicken wraps
October 27thChicken tenders with garlic bread and salad


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Tuition is NOT REFUNDABLE after the first month of your payment even if you withdraw due to prepaid commitments.


Very positive atmosphere, doesn’t worry about change , aim very high and take all the aspects from search and asking knowledgeable people to represent RSS mission and vision in the best way .
Care the most about the students and has a very friendly staff and you feel like you are surrounded by your family who really care about you as a teacher and a parents as well as your children .
— Dalia Mahmoud
AlhamduiAllah, my family and I have been blessed by being part of the RSS for few years now. The staff beginning from the principle to the office to the teachers and everyone there are AMAZING. The school has the vision of raising a mannerly and creative generation, and i have seen the changes in my kids. It warms up my heart and brings tears to my eyes when my son knows that he did something wrong and tries to fix it just for the sake of Allah SWT. I thank Allah for this and the RSS for their great efforts.
— Mariam Shabayta
If you want to attend a special kind of Islamic school
RSS is the best.
When your here your family. When you volunteer kids look up to you, appreciate your help and love you as their friend. Your kids will learn with love, respect and kindness. It’s an outside of the box kind of school.
You will not find a school like this anywhere. That’s why RSS is the best school.
— Cybel Alayleh
Reflection Sunday school has been a wonderfully enriching place where our family truly feels at home. The hardworking staff and the community comes together to create an environment for our future leaders that not only supports our core islamic values but does it in a way that makes one feel loved and welcomed. Our kids have been a part of this school going on 3 years now and we love how the students are taught all facets of being a Muslim in today’s world. Whether it is learning about sunnah and how we apply that in our everyday life or how to take part in serving our community, the lessons taught here are invaluable. We are thankful for the selfless staff who volunteer countless hours to make this such an amazing Sunday school for our children.
— Rehana Rehman
We have been part of Reflection Sunday School for the past four years and it has been a transformational experience for the whole family. The amazing curriculum, innovative approach and endless efforts of the wonderful principal sister Dana and the teachers has tremendously increased the children’s understanding of islam and enabled them to become confident muslim individuals. The teachers work hard to better the future generations to raise their self esteem as Muslims in this community and to build their moral character. My kids love their RSS family and are eager to return to school every Sunday. We consider RSS a tremendous blessing of Allah for the whole community.
— Amna Qureshi